Re: Speaking of Canada...

Sun, 30 Aug 1998 12:18:37 -0400 (EDT)

>(wishing he could get a green card so he could move to SF)

With the NAFTA agreement in effect, it is not necessary for
Canadians to get green cards in order to work in the USA, providing
they have certain "desirable" degrees, qualifications or skills.
I am one of several FoRKer's who is a Cdn. citizen that works
in the USA thanks to the NAFTA TN visa. Librarians with Masters
degrees in Library and Information Science are able to work
south of the border with next to no hassle involved (that is why
I am here). As well, Engineers, Computer Science majors, etc.
are protected professions according to NAFTA. All you need to
do is get a job offer beforehand and then present yourself at the
border with three things in hand: (a) the job offer (b) your
university degree and (c) a valid passport....oh, you have to
pay $55/year to maintain your visa... its that easy!

E-mail me if you want further information!