RE: Internet causes loneliness

Tim Byars (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 12:20:40 -0700

At 11:58 AM -0700 8/30/98, Joe Barrera came up with this:

> >> A two-year, $1.5-million study
> > Any thoughts?
> The frontiers of knowledge would have been more profitably expanded by
> donating that $1.5 million to the Tim Byars Foundation.

Nothing you have ever come up with has hit the nail on the head better than
that statement.

> Oh, okay. One serious comment. I wonder how they define "circle of friends."
> Sure wouldn't want to include anyone you interact with primarily over the
> Internet or the phone or US Mail. Just kidding - phone and US Mail are okay,
> of course.

Well I wonder about this:

> One hour a week of Internet use led on average to an increase of 1% on
>the depression scale, an
> increase of 0.04% on the loneliness scale

.04% on the loneliness scale can be recorded? And what exactly is a .04%
increase in loneliness?

Let's suppose you go out and get laid (for the single people and Bill
Clinton) what sort of an decrease in the loneliness scale is that? What if
you talk to the hot looking chick sitting next to you while your car is
being washed? What is the decrease in loneliness?



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