RE: Internet causes loneliness

Jade Castle (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 12:46:54 -0700 (PDT)

Mike, Joe,

Y'all, I think again, are correct. As I've said before "Reality is a
Self-Induced Hallucination", well this time I believe WSJ and
wise-cracker science (Fact/Truth as defined by a pick-pocket preacher
or Lier) is trying to define the reality of others.

To lie with statistics is equivalent to lieing with the scriptures,
the faithful frequently don't question "BS/MS/PHD" when they here it.
A sample bias used to define population/culture is a lie with personal
desire ....

I know some golfers who think I'm a little strange because I like the
internet and reading more than golf (I don't play golf.). I accept
their (including my wife) enjoying golf, but in 15 years of giving
golf a try once every few years, I still don't play/enjoy golf. They
think it is a little odd, but I think their golf addiction is a little
odd. My wife and I realize both habits/perspectives are normal/relative.

Take Care -- OldHawk777

---Joe Barrera <> wrote:
> >> A two-year, $1.5-million study
> > Any thoughts?
> The frontiers of knowledge would have been more profitably expanded by
> donating that $1.5 million to the Tim Byars Foundation.
> Oh, okay. One serious comment. I wonder how they define "circle of
> Sure wouldn't want to include anyone you interact with primarily
over the
> Internet or the phone or US Mail. Just kidding - phone and US Mail
are okay,
> of course.
> - Joe


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