Supporting Search for Reusable Software Objects

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 11:28:34 -0700

[More proof that anything's publishable, with enough elbow grease.
A depressing thought as we blow by the ICSE deadline for publishing our
events survey... RK]

IEEE Transactiosn on SW Engg

Volume 22, Number 6, June 1996

Tomas Isakowitz, Robert J. Kauffman: Supporting Search for Reusable
Software Objects. TSE 22(6): 407-423 (1996) large repositories... multistage model involving screening,
identification, and the subsequent choice between [build vs
reuse]... Object Reuse Classification Analyzer (ORCA) and Automated
HYpertext Reuse Search Tool (AMHYRST)... automatically create
hypertext networs that represent and link objects in terms of a number
of distinugishing features.

[No online copy I could find. Not immediately worth running out to the
library -- this isn't a FoRKpost about a wonderful paper, but about
what one can do with a simple idea to grind it out to the academic
limit. Also as a nit that I'm almost certain it's not in the
literature search of certain round graduate students who claim to have
made a breathrough by using AltaVista to find semi-structured HTML
object descriptions.]

[Also in this issue, since we're speaking of role models:]

Special Section Best Papers of the 17th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE-17)

Richard N. Taylor, Nenad Medvidovic, Kenneth M. Anderson, E. James
Whitehead Jr., Jason E. Robbins, Kari A. Nies, Peyman Oreizy, Deborah
L. Dubrow: A Component- and Message-Based Architectural Style for GUI
Software. 390-406