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Ernest Prabhakar (
Mon, 31 Aug 98 13:04:14 -0700

As someone else pointed out, the biggest question is 1 hour of
Internet time vs what? If it is an hour of Internet with
near-strangers vs visiting lifelong friends, sure? But what if (as
with many of my friends) it is an online rendezvous with a Long
Distance Relationship?

More likely, it would seem, is that people interact online instead
of watching TV, getting drunk, or other mind-numbing activities. In
that case (as it was in my own) it is actually a positive thing in
that it makes you more aware of your loneliness, so you can start
buidling more fulfilling relationships (on- or off-line).

-- Ernie P.

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Good question. :-)

-- Mike

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> > "It's not clear what the underlying psychological explanation
is," Ms.
> > Bikson said of the study. "Is it because people give up day-to-day
> contact
> > and then find themselves depressed? Or are they exposed to the
> > world of Internet and then wonder, 'What am I doing here in
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