[Atlantic Monthly] Election machinery, back when you had to explain "chad"

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From: John Roberts (jbr@pencoyd.com)
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 16:29:49 PST

I know everyone wants to forget and move on, but...

I enjoy the fact that while "knowing [may be] half the battle"
(apologies to GI Joe), it's clear that in a democracy, that's hardly

 From November, 1984:

Big Business In Ballots
With 188,432 U.S. precincts, the demand for fast, secret, dependable
systems is great and constant
by Cullen Murphy

"... In Custer County, Montana, however, a voter punches out the
appropriate pre-scored boxes with a hand-held stylus. (The tiny,
rectangular bits
of cardboard that result are called chads, by the way.)"

Also links to <http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/80oct/deadlock.htm>,
which does a better job of explaining the possibilities in the case
of a deadlock than any of the articles or commentators I read/heard.
Coauthored by Laurence Tribe, who was involved on the Democratic
legal team this time around.

"...Americans have awakened to the prospect of an election that fails
to elect with a
sense of fear -- a feeling that a House election is proof that we,
our politics, even
our Constitution, have somehow failed. ..."

Enjoy the holidays.


John Roberts
jbr at pencoyd dot com

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