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From: Adam Rifkin (adam@KnowNow.com)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 08:44:42 PST

Greg Bolcer wrote:
> 8-)
> [ From http://www.xent.com/ ]
> > Dec 16 2000 - current (moved to Silicon Valley)

Every once in a while something ends up on the Web archive (FoRK-archive)
but not in the email list. For example,


What Greg sent an email to -- FoRK-noarchive@XeNT.CoM -- went to the
email list but not the Web archive.

What I'm emailing now -- FoRK@XeNT.CoM -- goes to both email and Web.

The lines between email and Web get blurred when we send to FoRK@XeNT.CoM
and it goes to both places. One could imagine a "speedFoRK" that blurs
the lines not only between email and the Web, but also Instant Messaging,
with conversations spontaneously erupting when popular threads breakout.

SpeedFoRK might no longer have threads of a single monolithic list, but
rather topics that can be dynamically created and updated and yes, maybe
even destroyed. Flip the bozo bit with too many noisy posts and someone
can killfile you. So, instead of everyone being subscribed to one
master mailign list subscription list, everyone has a list of buddies
associated in general with them, and possibly specifically with specific
topics. When a topic is no longer relevant to me, I killfile it.

Actually, this blurs the line between *usenet*, IM, email, and Web.
Each of those media are useful for certain things, but blurring the
line between them seems even more useful. We already see newsgroups
that can be sent to email boxes and archived on the Web; Exchange and
Notes make this suite of tools available but it's still clunky to go
between the different millieu.

It all comes back to bits of information being cut, copied, pasted,
constructed from scratch, put together from various sources, and/or
cascading around the Net like balls through a giant Pachinko machine.
The more ways to slice and dice, the more useful the filters and content
transforms and forwarding mechanisms and content aggregators and
archives and auditing tools become.

And, as a result, the easier to get more of the kind of information you
want, and less of the kind of information you don't want.


If you're not careful, you might get "Kibu'd." That's the latest bit of gallows humor circulating around VCs these days. It's a reference to the closure of Kibu.com, which gave back half its money to VCs when they pulled the plug.... -- http://www.redherring.com/vc/2000/1218/vc-ltr-dealflow121800.html

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