RE: guns (Re: Cell phones of death!)

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From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 22:41:19 PST

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Ryan S. Upton wrote:

> why bother outlawing the phones? ...
> Yes, you too can threaten someone with a cell phone. The majority
> of people will mistake it as that which it appears, rather than that which
> it is, meaning you have to come up with the salesman pitch of the century
> and convince them, run away, or shoot them before they do whatever it is
> that motivated the draw of the cell phone.

The gun disguised as a cell phone is not designed for deterrence. Quite
the opposite; it is designed for shooting someone with the least possible

That's why the article[1] from the original post[2] quotes
several law enforcement professionals and their concerns. Allowing the
sale of these devices seems to offer law-abiding citizens miniscule
benefits while offering criminals huge benefits.

-Matt Jensen


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