Re: [Marketwatch] eToys: Rise and Fall of a Superstar

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 06:11:28 PST

Adam Rifkin wrote:

> eToys fell 72% today after being down 97% from its high. Its market cap
> is down to $37 million. Ouch.

One of the "comparables" metrics I was tracking across a wide variety of
companies back in '99 and early this year was "per user contribution to market
cap." At one point --- this was probably about 9/99, and I doubt it was the
peak point for this value --- eToy's cap / user was $12,707. This was the
highest amount I could find across any of the B2Cs of any flavor; others
weren't even close. EBay was the next highest with $7,533, while Amazon came
in a distant third at $1,787.

Just some random infoporn to start yer morning out wit'.



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