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From: Mark Day (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 14:43:36 PST

> You missed the #1 way to beat down any high profile company who's talking
> trash - the media. All it takes is convincing a handful of high profile
> journalists that AOL isn't playing the game, and get a few
> articles out of
> it making AOL look like a selfish whiner. Post said article URLs to AOL
> investor bulletin boards. End result? Stock drops a few points but enough
> for them to take the first steps in getting involved.

I used to have a pretty big file of clippings about AOL and instant
messaging issues from the WSJ and other mainstream newspapers. I don't
quite know where you get the idea that no-one has done that angle.

Besides which, AOL's official position is that they are participating in the
IETF, and I bet they are. When I was chairing one of those BOFs, two people
from AOL signed in and said nothing. "Participation" in the IETF doesn't
require speaking out.

And to give them further credit, at another meeting (the interim meeting in
SF), Barry Appelman came and told us a few useful things as comments to what
others said. I don't remember Microsoft, CMGI, Yahoo, or any other similar
company sending a SVP to even one IMPP meeting.


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