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From: Karee Swift (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 23:01:13 PST

You're wonderful Tom:)

Incidentally, why not just vote for a system of self-sensing
technologies -- the moment an individual repeats in a series of
stupid activities (driving an SUV, talking on a Cellphone and
drinking a frappucino(sp) at the same time, say) the smart tech (say
the phone) just ahnilliates the induhvidiual right off of the
planet. MOre air for me, less stupidity for the whole race, and
quite a fun explosion on the freeway.

Legislation sucks. It lets stupid people make laws that I have to
follow. This is lame, and more often than not, so are the laws. I
vote for technological and evolutionary solutions to stupidity. Stop
saving people who do stupid things, they want to die anyway.

-This has been a public disservice announcement from your
neighborhood Bitbitch.--
--- In, Tom Whore <tomwhore@i...> wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Matt Jensen wrote:
> --]For example, take the use of cell phones while driving. I feel
I know
> --]when I can handle that and when I can't. If I'm on a busy road,
I tend to
> --]pull over to talk; if I'm on a busy highway, I call them back
later. But
> --]I was almost hit *twice* last week, while on my bicycle, by
drivers using
> --]cell phones. I don't know if the percentage of "dangerous" cell
> --]drivers is 2% or 80%, but while I feel confident I'm safer than
most of
> --]them, I'm also quite willing to support a well-written law to
> --]that activity.[1]
> --]
> Great. Chalk another one up on the Happy Drone catagorey.
> So rather than expect personal responsability you favor govermental
> controls of behavior. Rather than take the time to make the cause
> effects of a problem Personal you would rather blanket groups with
> generalisations and GRoup Modification thru legislation.
> Cell phones, guns, computers, skate boards, expression...where is
> line?
> Controling activities thru govermtnal supervison is hisotriocaly
the raod
> to slavery and serfdom. You should point your research addled mind
> historic extrapolations of your constrolistic leanings. The sure
> to any open research will lead you to the mirror from which you
will see
> the smiling skull of repression, regression and a restrictions.
> Meanwhile it must suck for you to live in a world where some people
> thier personal responibilities to thier own ends rather than the
> prescribed outcomes of pre planned personas.
> "teach your children well.." csny
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