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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 10:40:28 PST

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Mark Day wrote:

--]> It should sound silly cause it is silly, the problem is its what the
--]> "market" is reposnding too.
--]No, it's silly because it completely misunderstands the nature of the
--]problem. It's like fighting a fire by pouring on gasoline.

Your assuming that the goal is to put out the fire. Some would profit from
a fire being bigger. Its silly to push forward assumptions of intent on a
situation in a blanket snese. Each player has thier own goals, assuming a
cohesion is fatal.

--]> ICQ, AIM, MSMessanger Yahoo messanger Firetalk
--]> etc etc etc. We already have decent IM type stuff with IRC (add some
--]> dalnet and undernet features, shake and make stable servers) so this
--]> whoile IM craze was pretty stupid from the get go.
--]No, it wasn't. IM and IRC have different use models and different user
--]communities. They look pretty similar in some ways but that's not to say
--]that they are the same thing. (After all, TV was nothing more than movies +
--]radio, two already-existing technologies, by similar reasoning, so why was
--]that such a big deal?)

Oh please. The basic back bone oif the IUM set is Still group messaging,
user tracking (buddy lists, robust name ids, etc) and msg fwding ala an
aswering machine metaphore. Dalnet and Undernet have all the beginings of

User communities are simply shared resources tied to the chat/id system,
go check out egroups and tie it in with many IRc clients abilitys to share
url traversal.

Toss in file sharing (fserve) and expandable command sets (via server
mods) and you have your cake and the eating of it too.

--]> Anyway, lost my point here, its not so much what SHOULD be happening, its
--]> what IS happening and thats always the same old story, the national
--]> mindset wants Name Branding on thier stuff or else they wont touch it.Even
--]> Linux had to go get branded before it got offical acceptance.(now its all
--]> window gui shit anyways, so that battle is lost)
--]Hmmm. Sure looks to me like you were proposing a supposed solution to the
--]supposed problem. When I see what you wrote about "The best thing to do,
--]imnsfho," I have trouble understanding how you were just describing "what IS

If your goal is to come down like the backlit saviour of the net , doing
"right and goodness" with every gesticularation then my , imnsfho, first
example is going to be your opposite. If your out to capture market share
then it might work but will defintely tanrish your sainted halo.

Single viewed solutions more often then not miss the main thrust of
the really real and the possible supposedes and thus leave one biutter and
fustrated that the world is not seeing things "your" way.

What I am propohsing is that there are three sides to every
coin, understanding is all in the flip


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