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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 14:37:43 PST

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Matt Jensen wrote:

--]It's different from food safety, which is different from traffic safety,
--]etc, but they're all about the public being protected from things out of
--]their control.

And this, laduies and germs, is where it gets fun.

CONTROL..and more importlantly FEELING OUT OF CONTROL. Yes its the fear
factor at play here, the old gut instinct to flee in the face of fear (ie
things not in control or controled by)

This is where lots of tryans start. THe populace is , or is made to, feel
not in control. They give up freedoms to feel that some one, any one, is
in control of the big wide scary world.

This is way relegions work so well in times of change. When a popuylace
feels taht things are too new too fast too out of thier control, they turn
to the icons of stability (mecca, the pope, the cross).

In the place of the indvidual seeking to take control of thier own lifes ,
wether thru chemical,emotional or behavorial shortcommings, the deposit
thier freedom into an institution of stability and hope to feel , by
proxy, stabel and in control.

This explains the blind obediance to party what we wittnessed in the last
few months of the election proccess in the USA. ITs the same thing we see
in troubled countrys where in the population polarizes between gov and
church. Its the same thing we see with folks who invest in particular
methods and procedures rather than in the ways of change anbd exploration.

Its teh same "the world is flat" crew all over again

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