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From: Jeff Barr (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 16:20:14 PST

Next on the agenda -- Create a synthetic band name with a bunch of
alleged hits (all renamed from elsewhere), create a web site to
match, and then drive hits and downloads through the roof. That
would be fun, in a perverse, FoRKish sort of way.


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Okay, I'm with you. I changed Cake's "How Do You
Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle" to Danger Kitty.


Lucas Gonze wrote:
> Napster search returns 52 results on Danger Kitty, most of them for "Love
> but a few for "Schmutzler bar mitzva", "Take Me Over" and "Rat Race". I
> all four and all were renamed versions of songs by real acts. I
contributed to the
> mess by renaming "Birthday Song" by the Three Stooges to "Dirty Chix" by
> Kitty.

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