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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 09:01:20 PST

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]> It should not be easy to get a firearm for anyone and the
--]> penalty for unlawful possession should be firm and strictly enforced.
--]Why shouldn't it be easy to "get" a gun?
--]What if I build my own gun --- is that against the law, too?
--]What *precisely* is the intent, here?
--]Legislate the intent, not some half-ass indirect semi-solution.

IT all gets back to the fearfull trying to controll trhu legisaltion that
which they fear.

Music is feared for its being "differnt" so we get legislation segmenting
certian music .

Books are feared, over the course of our history we have had more than a
few books "banned" by the fearlegisaltors.

The NEt is now a feared item, and it too is falling under the legislative
fist of the fearfull.

Its a pretty simple and understandable progression of events.

"That which we do not understand, we must do away with"

Guns are loud devices whose use requires some amoutn of conscieous effort.
This frightnes many people not only for the consequences of thier use but
for ever having been put in a postion of being responsible.

SO rahter than rise to the level of a responsable memebers of a self
deterministic society the fearfull seek to ban and abolish that which they
can not rise to meet. Not just for themselves, but for anyone.

This is a central theme in the fearlegislators. You will see that they
sweep across the population. Why? Becuase if ANYONE is able to show
resonsiblility then those that can or willnot are made to seem less than
able. Rather than rise to ability they strike out the ability of all.

--]Look, I'm not against social consensus and regulation of social behavior. It's
--]just that the proper and appropriate mechanism for that is a *contract,* and
--]contracts should always be explicit, minimal in scope, and consensual.

That would nto be enough to make the self weakened seem strong. Your
ability is an afront to thier lack of ability. It is your who must be
diminished rather than "forcing" then to rise above.

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you. He really is an idiot." GM

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