Re: public safety laws (Re: guns (Re: Cell phones of death!))

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Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 13:40:22 PST

Jeff Bone wrote:
> > It should not be easy to get a firearm for anyone and the
> > penalty for unlawful possession should be firm and strictly enforced.
> Why shouldn't it be easy to "get" a gun?

Would all present pro-gun people please shoot the anti-gun people?
And then kindly commit suicide? Iterate, if necessary. Thank you.

This gun/antigun stuff has threatened to end several mailing lists
I'm on. I've long since been conditioned into associated the appearance
of g*n with "brain damage alert; hit next-message asap".

This doesn't mean I'm pro gun or anti-gun. This doesn't mean you
can't post something intelligent and new on the thread either. But
consider the hellish handicap. Consider us Pavlov-conditioned to hit
'd' the same instant we spy 'gun' in message body. Consider a burning
giraffe, or a beached whale, whatever, anything what will make you
stop. P l e a s e.

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