Re: The Day The Bubble Died / Lessons of Lernout

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From: Dave Long (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 22:18:19 PST

> ... - much depends on time frame and perception. In other words, one
> can always make the case that the "long term trend" of ANY market is up, as
> long as you go back far enough in time. Since this is true of all markets
> at all times ...

ANY market? How have investment-grade tulip
bulbs been doing lately? Shouldn't there be
some Sumerian investment banking houses still
riding those long term trends?


> ... As I recall, this Belgium company's head office has
> landscaping which, from an aerial view, matches the structure of
> the inner ear.

Why does building head offices seem to be for
companies what getting on Sports Illustrated's
cover is for athletes?

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