Questionable wireless advertising study

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From: Jared Rhine (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 00:23:05 PST

This seems like a shining example of how market studies can be pure
crap. One of the key conclusions of SkyGo's ongoing wireless
advertising study[1] is:

  60 percent of participants found wireless advertisements valuable,
  and 27 percent of these users expressed that they would be likely to
  switch wireless service providers to receive ads in the future.

Can you imagine being pissed off that you're not receiving ads and
deciding that you just have to switch providers so you can start
receiving ads on your wireless phone?

To follow the money, one should note that SkyGo sells wireless
advertising solutions[2]:

  SkyGo's leading wireless marketing technology, products and services
  are being used to implement the Study and include ad targeting,
  serving and delivery, wireless marketing campaign creation and
  management and m-commerce integration.

I got this pointer originally from, which produces
a fine weekly recap of the wireless industry[3]. I recommend it as
good reading if you're in to tracking wireless.



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 the world."
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