Re: IBM 76.8Gb ultra dma/100 hard drive at Fry's for $375...

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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 12:23:26 PST

So, Adam--

Suppose you were a wine connoisseur, and had a number of bottles of
extremely rare vintage that was especially sensitive to temperature
variations. You go out to Frye's and buy a top of the line
"mini-cellar". Frye's does sell these, though I'm not educated enough
in the brands thereof to know the relative quality.

You bring it back to work and plug it into the powerstrip under your
desk, the one you are always plugging and unplugging things like phone
chargers and portable CD players into. You put your rare vintages into
the mini-cellar after it hits the right temperature point.

You then are free to forget about it, right? You are happy, knowing
your vintages are safe in your top of the line mini-cellar.

If you're not happy, why not? The answer may provide some insight into
the question. If you are happy, well, maybe EMC and NetApp *are*
overvalued. :-)


Adam Rifkin wrote:
> I repeat, IBM 76.8Gb ultra dma/100 hard drive at Fry's for $375...
> "home of fast, friendly courteous service! (R)"
> I kid you not. That's a half a cent a Megabyte for storage.
> Not El Cheapo storage but top of the line storage.
> Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. *Why* is Network
> Appliance a $23 billion company and EMC a $150 billion company?
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