Oracle's Internet File System

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From: Adam Rifkin (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 19:45:36 PST

Oracle wrote about its Internet File System:
> ...the first major innovation to the file system in 20 years...

Are they for real?

> As a lightweight communications layer, WebDAV provides a stronger
> avenue for traffic across the Internet than Microsoft Windows.

Is it fair to compare WebDAV to Microsoft Windows?

> TIBCO's industry-leading XML Authority(TM) will fully support Oracle
> Internet File System schemas.

Extensibility was a schema-editing tool. Isn't it rude to refer to such
a tool as "industry-leading" in a press release?

> Oracle Ships Update to Its Internet File System
> Updated: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 08:02 AM ET
> Features Partnerships With Symantec, ValiCert and TIBCO;
> Adds to XML, Java and WebDAV Support
> REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. -- ( )
> Oracle Corp., the largest provider of software for e-business, today
> announced the immediate availability of the latest release of Oracle(R)
> Internet File System, delivering advanced security, enhanced XML
> features and greater protocol support. The latest version provides a
> multi-level security model that ensures the security, safety and
> integrity of documents within the file system, and allows developers to
> more easily write and deploy Internet-based applications in Java and XML.
> Oracle Internet File System, which began shipping in May 2000 as the
> first major innovation to the file system in 20 years, is an extensible
> file system for managing and accessing content, regardless of location
> or format, via the Internet. The latest version provides businesses with
> superior security, to help ensure that only authorized database users
> can access raw content stored in the database. By making access control
> a function of the repository rather than the protocol or application,
> Oracle Internet File System enables access to be evaluated and enforced
> in a consistent manner and prevents users from circumventing security
> via alternative methods. Oracle is also partnering with companies,
> including Symantec, to provide a broad range of additional Internet
> security features. Symantec is integrating its upcoming CarrierScan
> Server 2.0 anti-virus software into Oracle Internet File System.
> "As a leader in Internet security technology, it is logical that
> Symantec partner with Oracle to deliver comprehensive protection for
> Oracle Internet File System," said Dana Siebert, executive vice
> president, Symantec Corporation. "Direct integration of our anti-virus
> solution with Oracle Internet File System provides a higher level of
> performance and ease of implementation not usually found in ad hoc
> solutions."
> The update of Oracle Internet File System also offers developers the
> flexibility to extend the file system for e-business applications using
> the Java-based application programming interface (API), as well as the
> standard Internet languages Java, eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and
> Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). Taking advantage of built-in content
> management features such as searching, versioning, check-in/check-out
> and event notification, developers no longer need to write or maintain
> their own code for these functions, allowing them to focus on
> higher-level application features. Oracle Internet File System also
> allows developers to write Internet-based applications in standard
> languages including Java and XML, so applications can be written for the
> Web, which also provides a significant step in easier collaborative
> computing.
> Additionally, the latest version of Oracle Internet File System supports
> Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV), which allows users to
> collaboratively edit and manage files across the Internet. As a
> lightweight communications layer, WebDAV provides a stronger avenue for
> traffic across the Internet than Microsoft Windows. WebDAV clients
> connect directly to Oracle Internet File System, where users can drag
> and drop content, edit content in place, and publish it directly from
> the database. The new technology helps companies like ValiCert (Nasdaq:
> VLCT, news, msgs), a premier provider of trust solutions for online
> business transactions, to create repositories, such as ValiCert Document
> Authority, that enable businesses to share, store, digitally sign and
> exchange electronic documents over the Internet-thus significantly
> reducing paper-based processes from business transactions.
> "When designing the ValiCert Document Authority, Oracle Internet File
> System provided us with the industrial-strength document management
> infrastructure necessary to support a legal-grade environment," said
> Sathvik Krishnamurthy, vice president of marketing and business
> development, ValiCert. "With the strength and scalability of Oracle
> Internet File System, ValiCert Document Authority has a strong
> foundation for adding our transaction and security capability."
> Furthering its commitment to XML, Oracle joined forces with TIBCO
> Software Inc. (Nasdaq: TIBX, news, msgs) a leading provider of real-time
> e-business infrastructure software. TIBCO's industry-leading XML
> Authority(TM) will fully support Oracle Internet File System
> schemas. Organizations can create and deploy new classes of objects
> within Oracle Internet File System through an intuitive and graphical
> user interface, allowing customers to locally view, edit, validate,
> convert, and deploy Oracle Internet File System schemas. With XML
> Authority, these schemas can be managed and exchanged across any
> platform, dramatically improving productivity.
> "TIBCO is committed to working with leading providers of XML-based
> technologies that enable the convergence of the data and document
> worlds," said Reid Conrad, vice president TIBCO Software. "XML Authority
> creates the means to bridge the two worlds via XML schemas, which
> customers of Oracle and Oracle Internet File System can utilize for
> enterprise-class data and document stores."
> The latest version of Oracle Internet File System is available now,
> free-of-charge, as part of Oracle8i, Release 3 on all major UNIX,
> Windows and Linux hardware platforms. Oracle Internet File System
> supports Microsoft Windows '95, Microsoft Windows '97 and Microsoft 2000
> client machines and enables other clients to connect through HTTP,
> WebDAV and FTP protocols. Oracle Internet File System has full National
> Language Support and complies with the American Disabilities Act.
> About Oracle
> Oracle provides the software that powers the Internet. For more
> information about Oracle, please call 650-506-7000.


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