RE: Oracle's Internet File System

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From: Robert S. Thau (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 09:11:00 PST

Kenneth Meltsner writes:
> I'd guess that either it was re-invented (the idea isn't that novel) or that
> the patent was narrow enough (the integration of a "real" RDBMS with a
> mostly off-the-shelf OS) to not cover this situation. Did BeOS allow you
> to look at all files within a filesystem for a query without the annoyance
> of walking through a tree of directory structures? That's the key idea in
> this situation. I should be able to find all files created after date XXX
> starting with "YYY" in the title without grinding through an entire
> filesystem (like Windows...), and it would be great if I could set up a
> "folder" that would have as its contents the results of a query without
> incurring ridiculous overhead to do so.

I'm no expert on BeOS (still available, BTW; no need for past tense)
--- all I know about the relevant features is in the BQuery docs.
Once again,

FWIW, BQuery objects do everything you mention at the API level; I
don't know whether they are integrated with the file-system browser in
"virtual folder" style, but it's a natural use of the capability.


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