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Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 04:37:28 PST

Greeting: Going Platinum " Welcome "

 An enormous amount of time has been spent developing this web
site along with the program that lies within and are truly convince
d that it will be one of the best things that has ever happened to

Going Platinumô is a new concept, a new idea and a new philosophy.
This innovative program offers countless benefits as well as a
means to dramatically improve your financial position without any
 mentionable effort or monetary commitment. We're not just talking
pocket change either. Make no mistake about it; this is the real thing...

The benefits that you will enjoy as a Going Platinumô member are
many !

At the top of the list for obvious reasons, is the sizeable income
that you can earn as a member of Going Platinumô. Both the Going
Platinum Community (scheduled to launch January 15, 2001) and the Going
Platinum Affiliate Program (fully functional now) provide you with the ability to capitalize on the value of your presence on the
Internet and your value as a Going Platinumô member.
                                C H E C K I T O U T

What if you told 10 friends and they each told 5? You'd make
$3,510.00 for the month with just your 1 free (FREE)Position,
$17,550.00 if you had 5 Positions and $35,100.00 for the month
if you had 10 Positions.

1. Time is of the essence, get signed up today!
2. Go to;
    Copy and past into your address bar the url address above.
Once your signed up I'll be helping you to signup new people.

If you can afford it become a GPAP for the $25.00 one time fee
and get a jump on earnings in the program! This must be done
before January 15, 2001, or it won't be available to you!
Once you're registered and setup, send me an email confirmation
to "" and I'll send you a list of 1000
email addresses for free that you can use to signup new members.


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