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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 16:49:37 PST

Dave Long wrote:
> > "Should certain kinds of behavior, which pose risks to members of the
> > public, be prevented by regulations, or solely by the deterrent effect of
> > lawsuits and/or criminal charges filed after-the-fact if the public is
> > actually harmed?"
> David Friedman has an interesting page on the
> reasons to have both tort and criminal law:
> <>
> It's especially interesting because he's dug
> up a society which Mr. Bone might appreciate:
> <>
> > ... medieval Icelandic institutions have several peculiar
> > and interesting characteristics; they might almost have
> > been invented by a mad economist to test the lengths
> > to which market systems could supplant government in
> > its most fundamental functions. Killing was a civil
> > offense resulting in a fine paid to the survivors of
> > the victim. Laws were made by a "parliament," seats in

I've been told that this is how it works in China if you accidentally kill
someone: you have to support their family. Of course if you read the wrong
newspaper you can be shot also.

> -Dave

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