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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 18:08:45 PST

There are a lot of contexts in which Tony's remarks seem very valid.
There are other contexts in which face to face yields the highest
content-- a prospect meeting a hiring manager, a fan meeting their
Hollywood idol, etc.

I think that what's missing here is a definition of "content" in
communication. For a given communication, is content merely factual
information? Is it information within the context of the conversation,
or does out of band information count (and if so, in what

For some communications, "content" needs to include the potential for
out of band communication and for changing circumstances. Perhaps more
precisely, "for the communication itself to create additional
communications", which might be additional separate events or might be
changes in direction or scope of the current communication.

Think about the various merits (to the deliverer, at least) of an
emailed business plan vs a phone call vs a face to face meeting with a
potential VC or angel.


Tony Finch wrote:

> [...]
> This is all wrong -- you don't have enough dimensions. Fidelity or
> bandwidth or whatever you want to call it is not the same as content.
> Most f2f interaction is not high-content: written communication is,
> because it allows you to take the time to make more reasoned arguments
> with references to sources etc. Not only that, written communication
> is more efficient since the writer doesn't have to repeat the same
> message for different audiences, and the readers can skip the parts
> that aren't relevant to them; with f2f communication you have to trade
> the two off against each other.
> Tony.

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