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From: Dan Kohn (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 22:26:08 PST

Tony Finch [] said:

>Demon Internet does SMTP delivery to dial-up users; it also gives each
>user their own IP address. You can't do SMTP delivery to a dial-up
>securely unless each user has their own IP address: if addresses are
>shared (which is the usual situation) there is a race between login
>triggering SMTP delivery and another user logging in and getting the
>same IP address and hence the first user's mail. If the SMTP
>connection is made in the opposite direction the race is avoided.

Actually, you can. <>
specifies On Demand Mail Relay (ODMR) to provide SMTP for users with
dynamic IP addresses. It uses the ATRN verb and SASL authentication.

                - dan

Dan Kohn <>
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