Total SOAP services available on the Net as of 12/29/2000: 17.

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From: Adam Rifkin (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 23:56:03 PST

I think next year will see some fantastic growth in the
number of SOAP services available on the Web.

For now, there are just seventeen, according to :

 1. Bombay Stock Exchange StockQuotes - Provides 20-minute delayed quotes
 2. whois - a SOAP version of the standard whois service
 3. XMethods Listings Service - SOAP Interface to the XMethods Services listings
 4. WSDL Interface - SOAP interface for retrieving XMethods WSDL documents
    WSDL interface (Apache XML Encoding) - ibid
 5. eBay Price Watcher - checks current bid price of an eBay auction
 6. Fortune - XML formatted fortunes
 7. PacBell SMS Messaging Bridge - sends SMS messages to PacBell cellphones
 8. FedEx Tracker - access to FedEx Tracking information
 9. BabelFish - interface for AltaVista's Babelfish service
10. XMethods Filesystem - Virtual Filesystem service with 1MB quota
11. Ping - performs a "ping" from the xmethods server to specified host
12. Weather Temperature - current temperature in a given U.S. zipcode region
13. Barnes and Noble Price Quote - returns book price at given ISBN
14. Domain Name Checker - checks whether a domain name is available or not
15. Currency Exchange Rate - exchange rate between any two currencies
16. California Traffic Conditions - current report
17. Delayed Stock Quote - 20 minute delayed stock quote

I thought Don Box had a SOAP calculator on the Web but I can't find it
now. I wonder if he took it down.

I really like the Fortune cookie SOAP service:

I'm surprised there's no Magic Eight Ball, there's like eight of those
for the Tellme platform. :)

Kudos to James and Tony for implementing the FedEx, BabelFish, eBay, and
other services. xmethods has still implemented 75% of the SOAP services
available out there on the Internet. Enjoy that marketshare while it
lasts, guys. :) :) :)

Let 2001 be the Year Of The SOAP Service.

Heck, let the Millennium Of The SOAP Service begin...


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