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From: Edward Jung (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 03:33:35 PST

Actually the Boeing Business Jet is price competitive with the Gulfstream
G-V or Bombardier GlobalExpress. The BBJ is slightly more expensive to buy
and fuel, and flies slower, lower and not as far, but much cheaper parts and
service costs due to its 737 heritage, and MUCH larger inside (although
surprisingly its required ramp space isn't much different).

A lot of the capital cost difference is due to the larger amount of
furnishing you have to do with the larger interior of the BBJ -- bedroom,
shower, projection TV, etc... ;-)

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From: Rohit Khare []
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2000 11:34 PM
Subject: The cheapest way in the door of a BBJ...

Damn! now Steve's $38M GV may be nice for leaping across the pacific
in a single Mach 0.93 bound, but if you really wanna get it on, the
$60M private 737 is the way to go... launch customer was Arnie Palmer
or some other such golfer; perfect for the on-the-go entourage...

Apparently the 35-50 seat configs are in high demand for China-bound
business delegations.


Response to Grounding of Concorde Fleet

ST. LOUIS, December 21, 2000 - Renowned for their Around the World by
Private Concorde journeys introduced more than a decade ago,
deluxe-tour operator INTRAV has unveiled four brand-new private-jet
adventures for 2001, specifically designed to be comparable or beyond
the Concorde for the passenger who wants to experience the absolute
ultimate in private-jet luxury travel.

"INTRAV has always offered a slate of private-jet adventures in
addition to those aboard the Concorde, but in light of the grounding
of the Air France Concorde fleet in late July, we wanted to come up
with something really extraordinary to replace those particular
journeys and I think we've done just that," said Ian Coghlan, CEO of
INTRAV. "After many months of intensive planning and a full
exploration of our options, we have designed a variety of truly
'beyond first-class' private-jet adventures that will satisfy even
the savviest traveler," he said.

The four new private-jet trips - Around the World by Private Jet
Adventure, aboard an exclusively chartered 747; and Around the World
by Classic Private Luxury Jet, The Pyramid of Life by Private Luxury
Jet, and Northern Lights and Midsummer Festival by Private Luxury Jet
aboard a new-generation Boeing Business Jet - represent the finest in
private-jet travel offered anywhere.

  Around the World by Private Jet Adventure

An exlusively chartered 747 aircraft will whisk INTRAV guests to
exotic locales in unrivaled luxury and prestige. "Internally, we are
calling the plane 'INTRAV One' as its closest competition is the
President's Air Force One!," exclaimed Coghlan. "Similar to previous
Concorde adventures, we limit the capacity to just 98 passengers
instead of the usual 452. Our guests will enjoy the ultimate in
comfort and elegance aboard the aircraft, which features all
first-class seating and two roomy lounge areas," Coghlan stated.

This 23-day adventure links nine unforgettable destinations,
including Palm Beach, Florida; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Easter
Island, Chile; Moorea Island, French Polynesia; Cairns, Australia;
Chiang Mai, Thailand; the Masai Mara National Game Reserve in Kenya;
and Istanbul, Turkey. Throughout this all-inclusive journey, guests
will enjoy special excursions and sightseeing, such as a day trip to
Brazil's Iguaçu Falls; visits to ceremonial villages on Easter
Island; a Great Barrier Reef cruise; and an elephant ride in Chiang
Mai. For their two night stay in the Masai Mara, guests have a choice
of five deluxe accommodations to experience the variety and beauty of

Around the World by Private Jet Adventure departs September 16, 2001,
with a rate of $55,000 per person, double occupancy.

Around the World Classic by Private Luxury Jet

This adventure is based on the itinerary that set the standard of
success for INTRAV's Around the World by Private Concorde, but far
exceeds in levels of luxury, intimacy, and sophistication. A Boeing
737 Business Jet designed for just 16 passengers rather than the
standard 120 will provide a sumptuous mode of transportation between
the fascinating cities of Kona, Hawaii; Sydney, Australia; Hong Kong
and Beijing, China; Jaipur, India; the Masai Mara National Reserve
in Kenya; and Paris, France.

Beyond the lavish ambience of the aircraft, specially planned
excursions bring passengers face to face with the natural beauty and
rich cultures of each destination. Some highlights of the 26-day
global circumnavigation include helicopter flightseeing over active
volcanoes in Hawaii; boarding the Great South Pacific Express train
in Australia for an overnight journey; dining on The Great Wall of
China; being personally entertained by the Maharaja of Jaipur and his
family in their palace for dinner; flying to Agra for the day to view
the Taj Mahal; ballooning over the Masai Mara followed by a champagne
breakfast; and lunching with the Senator of Paris in his private home.

In all destinations, guests will stay in suites at the finest
properties in the world, have private cars and drivers at their
disposal in many cities, and enjoy an intimate group size that is
conducive to thoughtful discoveries, camaraderie, friendship, and
memories to last a lifetime.

Around the World Classic by Private Luxury Jet departs September 5,
2001. The all-inclusive, per-person, double-occupancy rate is

The Pyramid of Life by Private Luxury Jet

This 17-day itinerary carries guests to colorful, adventurous
destinations in India, Maldives, Tanzania, and Cairo by way of a
privately chartered 737 Boeing Business Jet, reconfigured for just 46
passengers. Guests will ride elephant back into the wilds of India to
spot a tiger, slip under the sea in Maldives for a close view of the
magnificent coral reefs, journey out on safari to the magical
Ngorongoro Crater, and step back in time in Cairo to contemplate the
ancient pyramids.

For the curious traveler, this trip is the perfect blend of cultures,
cuisine, and customs. Perhaps the only thing more appealing than the
carefully chosen destinations are the epicurean comforts guests will
experience during their holiday. From the Four Seasons Resort
Maldives at Kuda Huraa to Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp in the
Serengeti, all properties were chosen for their unparalleled service,
location, and uniqueness.

The Pyramid of Life by Private Luxury Jet departs November 28, 2001.
The all-inclusive, per- person, double-occupancy rate is $32,500.

Northern Lights and Midsummer Festival by Private Luxury Jet

In order to have a truly memorable experience, one must encounter
exceptional places as well as people. For this trip, INTRAV's "Travel
Director of the Year," Brian Thilenius, personally created an
itinerary, limited to 44 guests, to showcase his favorite corner of
the world. "In my opinion, Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia are not
only pristinely beautiful, but hold some of the most awe-inspiring
natural wonders," remarked Thilenius. "Guests will visit geysers,
waterfalls, the North Cape, Lapland, forests, tundra, cliffs, fjords,
archipelagos, ancient towns, Czarist Russia, and modern cities - in
the luxury and convenience of an all first-class, Boeing Business
Jet," he said.

Northern Lights and Midsummer Festival by Private Luxury Jet departs
June 13, 2001. The all-inclusive per-person, double-occupancy rate is

Brochures will be made available shortly, as will a second edition of
INTRAV's Private Jet Adventures Catalog, which features all trips
mentioned and many more. Additional information may be obtained by
contacting INTRAV at 7711 Bonhomme Ave., St. Louis, Missouri 63105,
telephone: (800) 456-8100 or (314) 727-0500; fax (314) 727-0908;
e-mail:, or on the Web at

The itinerary of your dreams can become a reality aboard INTRAV's
privately chartered PrivatAir Boeing 737 jet. Because we're not
restricted to commercial flight routes and schedules, we have access
to just about any place we want to visit. For instance, we can make
day trips to Bilbao, Spain, or the Alhambra in Grenada on our
Southern Europe - From Biarritz to Bosporus by Private Luxury Jet
journey, trips not possible on scheduled flights.

Our private jet is staffed by six flight attendants, trained at the
prestigious Hotel Suisse School and dedicated to your well-being.
You'll experience some of the finest dining aloft, served on elegant
china, crystal, and linens. Reconfigured for just 44 guests (instead
of the usual 120), the plane features an onboard lounge area, with
comfortable sofas and a full-service bar stocked with premium
spirits, wines, and champagnes - all complimentary.

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