Re: Know anyone at a major portal? Care to help Am I Hot or Not?

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From: Tony Berkman (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 09:11:55 PST


         When the portal is a bigger brand than you, a "partnership"
typically consists of you paying them a whole lot of money for them to
feature your content. If you are trying to make money from your novel
site, I would try to think of a creative way to charge people money for
something (perhaps a calender featuring the 10 hottest) rather than trying
to leverage your existing traffic with partnerships that you pay for. Keep
in mind that there is no longer any value in eyeballs as companies are
having a heck of a difficult time selling ad inventory and many
high-profile sites that were top-10 at one time or another in overall
traffic have shut down because they were only generating a couple million
per year in revenue. The nice thing about your site from a money-making
perspective is that is costs so very little to maintain. Think about how
you might create a little (non-advertising supported) business first and
then, perhaps, consider who might benefit from the business....

Just my $0.02

- Tony

At 06:45 PM 12/29/00 -0800, James Hong wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>One of these days I'll post to this list without mentioning "Am I Hot or
>Not" ... but not today.
>I'm interested in making contact with the major portals (see below) to
>explore potential partnerships for "Am I Hot or Not". If you have any
>appropriate, higher level contacts at any of the following portals, I would
>sincerely appreciate if you could put me in touch with them!
>...Or if you hate the site, you can instead send me a nasty letter telling
>me how bad our site is for our society.
>james hong
>XMethods web service listings -

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