Re: [CNET] Web services -- a 2001 thing?

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From: James Tauber (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 11:24:51 PST

> It's a little curious that the article below spends all of its time on
> the Big Five (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sun, and HP) and none of its time
> mentioning the young new companies -- all started in the last 5 years --
> who are the real voices of innovation in Web Services: BEA Systems,
> Ariba, CommerceOne, webMethods, and Bowstreet.

With the exception of Bowstreet, the new companies you mention haven't
really come out saying much about web services until recently (at least not
by that name). UDDI was the first time I heard Ariba talk about web
services. I haven't heard BEA or CommerceOne talk about them. Although
they've been doing relevant stuff for a while, I haven't heard webMethods
talk about web services as such until recently.

Bowstreet started talking about web services (by that name) in 1998.
Microsoft probably around the same time. IBM a little later. HP probably
beat all of them (although using the name e-services).

The Gartner report cited in the article listed HP, IBM, Bowstreet and
Microsoft as the web service visionaries, placing Oracle and Sun well behind
(and making no mention of the other companies from memory).

So it doesn't surprise me to see HP, IBM and Microsoft talked about.
Bowstreet often gets mentioned in similar articles. Interestingly, CNET's
article announcing Oracle's plans at says:

    "The Web services vision has long been touted by Oracle,
Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, IBM and start-ups such as Bowstreet.
Microsoft jumped on the bandwagon over the summer with its plan to tie
Windows closer to the Web."

which I think is a little unfair to Microsoft!


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