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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 18:17:49 PST

Adam Rifkin wrote:
> Udhay pointed out:
> > > If you still have a need for an Instant Message product we suggest
> > > looking into JabberIM available at
> Hey, can anyone tell me how much of they own? Is it 50%?
> > > The Webb Services Team
> > > Webb Interactive Services, Inc.
> On the other hand, the division is really filling out
> nicely... congrats, Steve!

Thanks! It's going to be fun.

> Jabber made some real cool strides last quarter, too...
> -- Jabber and Red Hat forged a strategic relationship to deliver real-time
> messaging infrastructure to Red Hat embedded Linux. The new Jabber
> compatibility is designed to make it easy for developers of embedded
> Linux applications to add real-time messaging and XML routing to their
> applications.
> -- During September, Jabber surpassed 10,000 server downloads with more
> than 1,000 of these servers now actively deployed on the Internet. The
> number of installed servers becomes an important metric, where any one
> server may potentially serve hundreds of thousands of end users. This
> signals the beginning of a new generation of instant messaging (IM) as
> a more strategic and embedded platform for real-time communications.
> 'Twill be fun to keep watching them. I hope they succeed.
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