Re: [CNET] Web services -- a 2001 thing?

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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 08:13:37 PST

Another thought for Mark and the FoRKers..

You guys probably aren't old enough to remember this.

Come sit on my knee and I'll tell you a story.. ;->

Back in the Old Days real men programmed computers by entering their code
using switches on the front panel of the computer itself.

Then someone invented paper tape.

Then someone invented magnetic tape and punch cards.

Then teletypes and glass teletypes.

At the same time, someone thought of assembly language, then BASIC and
Fortran and COBOL and C.

Now at every step, some well-meaning person who thought he knew it all would
say "What do I need that for, I like entering my programs on front-panel
switches. What does this do that I can't do with switches?"

It's the longest-running debate in software.


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> > > "People already are using the Web for services," said Summit
> > > analyst Dwight Davis. "For example, lots of people are using
> > > Hotmail. The question is about the level of integration and
> > > sophistication of these Web services."
> Give the man a cigar.
> Somebody should take all the services at xmethods, and provide an
> HTTP GET interface to them. Then we could access all those whizbang
> services through a browser and do all those other niceities that
> come with having a generic interface to our components. Yes, I
> think this could become quite popular. It needs a name though;
> how about "The Web"?
> MB

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