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From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Mon Jan 01 2001 - 14:16:19 PST

Comments on travel in cyberspace:

> > - The concept that it takes time to get from A to B is pretty
> > non-sensical. Yes I agree there are games like Ultima
> Online that make
> > you travel within the Ultima world, but that's different:
> the rules are
> > written by one organization which controls the laws your character
> > abides by. In a real distributed VR system, where
> different parts of
> > the "world" are written and hosted by independent
> organizations, you go
> > to a new place by typing in the address (e.g. a URL).
> True to a large extent, however you eventually need some kind
> of traversal
> navigation as you organize your trees of bookmarks or
> whatever ontological
> system you have. You just can't remember enough complex
> symbols (URL's) to
> cover everything you know or know about.

Yes I agree, but Hiro's avatar was travelling from some kind of a "login
point" to a bar he knew well. I fully understand the concept of
travelling from link to link to get to a "place" you've never been
before, or even a place you've been to before but didn't bother to
bookmark. But when it comes to a "place" that is a cyberspace
favourite, I see no way to prevent the user from jumping straight to it.


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