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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 19:59:54 PST

Hey FoRKers, I hope those of us who blog are stepping up to the
plate to keep blogging flowing smoothly...see the blogger homepage
for details.

I hadn't been blogging to Mobilis in ages, and realized a lot of it
was that I needed to MIRV my blog presence so that I could in a
few ways mirror the way I currently save and bookmark things. So
I just fired up a handful of new blogs.

I am planning out a blogalike service that extends the model
significantly in line with how I tend to file things and squirrel them
away. Right now it takes a very kludgy intersection of blog, Radio
Userland (in which I still haven't found one click publishing, Dave,
what am I doing wrong?), ftp, and hand-pushing of bookmark files to make
even a dent. My bookmark file grows at roughly 30K/month, and my online
article stash at approx 200M/month. I'd like to share that with others
without spending huge amounts of time on overhead. I hope I can cadge a
few of you folks into implementing for me at reasonable rates later this
year. :-) Nope, not as a startup, I want this open source. Volunteers
for glory eagerly accepted. :-) :-)

_Strata <-- Mobilis in Mobili, the entry point;
boring! :-)

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