Re: Ceiva experiences anyone?

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From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 19:56:04 PST


I know someone who gave a device like this to the grandparents when the
grandchild was born. The grandparents love it. The downside is that they
expect fresh pictures every day. (I'll forward this to my friend in case
he has extra comments.)

-Matt Jensen

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Jim Whitehead wrote:

> Has anyone on FoRK had any experience with the Ceiva device?
> The Ceiva is a small, dedicated picture frame that shows digital pictures
> that it downloads from the service. It seems ideal for my
> family situation, where I have remote Grandparents who have a difficult time
> using new technology (e.g., are confused by the UI to a microwave oven), and
> hence would not be able to handle the complexity of a WebTV. Yet, I would
> still like to be able to take digital pictures of my daughter and have them
> be able to see those pictures very quickly. Cost is moderate ($250 for the
> unit, $50/year for the service), but gives me hope they might be in business
> 2 years from now (I can see them actually making money at these rates).
> My biggest concern is that, since they are so gadget-shy, I would have to
> set it up for them the next time I visit. But, if it ever got even slightly
> misconfigured, it would prove very difficult to get it set back up again
> (like, it wouldn't work until I could visit again). It sounds like it has a
> battery backup, so a simple powerfail wouldn't take it out. But, one wonders
> about other failure modes such as suspectibility to static shock, etc.
> I'll probably end up trying it out, but it'd be nice to hear experience
> reports first....
> - Jim

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