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From: Jeff Barr (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 11:14:48 PST

You could order the Bell Systems Tech Journal if you actually
want these documents. I have a first edition, but its not leaving the

At one point some of them were part of the AT&T Unix
Source ("System V -- Consider it Standard") distribution.


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Tony Finch <> wrote:

>> Does anyone know if it's on the Web?
> On Dennis Richie's excellent home page of course. Google is your friend.

Yes, but what about the other excellent articles?

B. W. Kernighan, M. E. Lesk and J. F. Ossanna, `Document Preparation,' Bell
Sys. Tech. J. 57 6 part 2, pp. 2115-2135, July-August 1978.

T. A. Dolotta, R. C. Haight, and J. R. Mashey, `The Programmer's Workbench,'
Bell Sys. Tech. J. 57 6, pp. 2177-2200, July-August, 1978.

H. Lycklama, `UNIX on a Microprocessor,' Bell Sys. Tech. J., 57 6, pp.
2087-2101. July-August 1978.

S. R. Bourne, `The UNIX Shell,' Bell Sys. Tech. J. 57 6, pp. 1971-1990,
July-August 1978.

Google doesn't appear to be much help...

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