FW: Feed, Suck, and Altculture Present Plastic

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From: Matt Jensen (mattj@newsblip.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 10:07:42 PST

An intriguing bit-collector is on the scene.
Plastic.com, a Slashdot for pop culture, from clever folks.
I think I've just found a new daily requirement.

-Matt Jensen

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Subject: Feed, Suck, and Altculture Present Plastic

Dear Feed, Suck, and Altculture subscribers,

Your days of clammy palms, paranoid nightmares, and baited breath are over.
Today marks the day when we reveal to the world the hulking frankenstein's
monster we've been cobbling together in the basement of Automatic Media for
these months: Plastic.

In case you hadn't yet caught word of what we're up to with Plastic, here's
simple explanation: Plastic is a pop-culture version of Slashdot, serving
audiences of and edited by some of the best culture, entertainment, and
sites online (specifically: Spin, Movieline.com, The New Republic, Wired
TeeVee, Nerve, NetSlaves, Modern Humorist, Gamers.com, and Inside.) Put in
cryptic terms, Plastic is a place designed to make it easy to swap the
funniest, and stupidest things on the Web: union-busting at Amazon,
ghettoscooter.com, bootleg Orrin Hatch MP3s, amigothornot.com, and so forth.
Sure, Plastic's got other neat features, like filterable discussion threads,
flexible sorting tools, customizable newsfeeds and so on -- but to mention
of these would only confuse the issue. Just think of Plastic as an
laxative, your best bet for getting at the Internet's richest waste.

Did that help? It doesn't really matter, since you're about a minute away
seeing Plastic in its full glory, ready for you to slap around, puzzle over,
with any luck, ultimately turn into your Web site of choice for
goldbricking, and all-purpose procrastination.

Before you get seized by tremors and night fright again, allow us to assure
that neither Suck, Feed, nor Altculture will be altering their publishing
schedules or scaling back on their almost incomprehensibly hi-fi editorial
quality in any way. Plastic isn't about content-hatin', it's about

See for yourself: <http://www.plastic.com>


-Joey Anuff
Editor-in-Chief, Plastic

Automatic Media
225 Lafayette Street, Suite 606
New York, NY 10012
212-343-0475 fax

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