Mini LCDs for Tabletop Presentation? (was Re: Ceiva experiences anyone?)

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From: Gordon Mohr (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 00:37:56 PST

OK, I don't need a Ceiva or similar LCD pictureframe for its intended
purpose of displaying digital photos on a shelf...

...but I would like something very similar for the purpose of giving
tabletop presentations or otherwise "sharing" a laptop's display with
someone facing me head-on.

Pcture it: sitting across a cafe table from someone, stepping them
through a document or presentation, with both people viewing their
own screen. (Maybe even both people could have mice for mutual

Even a single digital pictureframe might be useful for this, if it
offered fast paging and thumbnail views. (A slide-number readout on
the back, or capability to synchronize page-flips with one or more
sibling units, would be plusses.)

Then again, maybe all I really want is a flip-book or photocopied

- Gordon

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