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From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 10:45:35 PST

Per Mssr Whore:
HTML mail is the fecal extrusions of a bloated mindset that cares little
for the reader who could be on any number of platofors, readers, etc and
simply acts in accord with the singularity of the self, therefore they
might as well send the mail to themselves and avoid hassling others with
streams of tag riddled schmegma.

Tom, I thought you hated dogma. Is there really any platform or reader
where rendering HTML is not trivial? Name one.

I read my mail in Pine about half the time, and HTML email bugs me too.
But I blame that on Pine.

Here is why the anti-HTML faction are living on dogma. In the recent
past, not sending HTML email was absolutely a correct way to live, because
the availability of HTML renderers was not guaranteed. But times have

Truth changes with the times. You anti-HTMLers are like those people in
Star Trek who have this religious incantation that makes no sense and then
eventually Kirk figures out that it is the pledge of allegiance as mangled
over many generations of rote memorization.

What is HTML email good for? (I wouldn't say XML because good tools are
_not_ ubiquitous yet, which is the whole point here). It is a better tool
for expressing meaning. It is more flexible, it can express fine shades
of feeling more easily, it has some ability to attach semantic metadata.
For example, the problem of URLs being broken by line wraps goes away.
Is there really serious argument that information technology with greater
expressive power is more useful?

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