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From: Dave Long (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 08:48:03 PST


The rubricator is still working on December,
hoping to catch up soon, and I can tell the
copyists rushed to keep up because they get
sloppy when tired and correct Tom's unusual
orthography. As for the illuminators, well
let's not mention FoRK and illumination in
the same sentence.


I avoid HTML email because I believe I miss
a good deal of spam that way. Back at the
beginning of December, spammers as a group
were in 5th place* behind a few individuals
for prolific forkposting, and nearly all my
spam comes via xent, so I'm happy when it's
lexically filterable.

* for those playing the home Benford game:
1... 127 (59 if spam is aggregated)
2... 21
3... 16
4... 8
5... 5
6... 4 (5 " " " ")
7... 5
8... 2
9... 3

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