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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 08:18:53 PST

Dave Winer wrote:

> Bill if you or someone else can document it, let's get the word out. Are
> there links to websites that tell the Open Text or Univ of Arizona story?
> Dave

Lexis-Nexis was indexing tons of things from multiple 'databases' for years. I
worked there from 1991-1994. Of course we, as developers, were unable to drag
them into the Internet world. They could have been THE search engine: In 1991
they were indexing 3+ terabytes of data nightly.

Classical 'Innovators Dilemma': they wouldn't canabalize their legal industry
income (up to $35/search) for cheap or free web services.


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> > >They
> > >were the first to spider and index the Web. And Digital did a good job of
> > >recognizing the potential value of that intellectual property.
> >
> > Wetherell's full of s*ht. Open Text was indexing before Digital.
> >
> > The U of Arizona was working on the same problem as well.
> >
> > There's plenty of prior art.
> >
> > If he's so interested in thievery, I'm certain that the GOP can find
> > him a nice job in Interior clear cutting public lands.

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