Re: fleet week: just-in-time nuclear electricity?

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 11:29:42 PST

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Matt Jensen wrote:

--]Perhaps if more Californians were like stereotypical Berkelians,
--]encouraging clean power, opposing deregulation, lowering thermostats (do
--]they have those in California?), and doubting industry lobbyists, the
--]state might have low enough demand and enough clean energy to make it :-)
--]Of course, for small but fast-growing hot spots, like San Jose's server
--]farms, a nuclear sub might be brought in on an emergency basis. If so, it
--]should be seen as a failing of the Valley's libertarian climate, and not
--]of Berkeley's liberal one.

Perhaps if the jihadists stopped looking to use every event as a reason
why thier mindset should be the previaling one we could actualy get around
to doing htings that would help more than the circle of enlightened.

Re the Excercise Bikes.---Of course you would be tunring off the tvs, ac
and other electrocrap. Think bigger man, this pamperd shit is so 90's.
Think "Survival Health Spa" with limitied facilities but the chane to
vote some one else off the good bikes on on to the slave bikes. Think a
distributed farm of thousands of Cali Sheeple who baaah bahh and react to
sloginism like "berliyisms", SDS, and "valley libertarian". You seel them
that the rugged workout conditions are like that most pop of tv shows,
offer them a 15 min of fame prize and then watch them kill each other in
sweat shops to be the King of the COuncil.

Also devide the clubs up to Us Versus Thems, it seems to be a popular
thing in the duocentric OR based American Culture. ITs BB versuse
Goldstein with alternating pictures for the alternating sides all feeding
into the same one profit system of cheep energy from a nations sheeple.

Now thats an IPO id sink into:)-

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