Re: fleet week: just-in-time nuclear electricity?

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From: Bill Stoddard (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 08:09:28 PST

> As for "Darkened By Irony", the resistance to unclean power sources is
> only part of the reason for the demand/supply mismatch. It is the part
> the coal industry, etc. want you to focus on. A more significant factor
> is deregulation which decoupled power generation from power delivery.
> Utilities no longer had any incentive to create new power plants.

This is the same 'deregulation' that put price caps on what utilities could
charge customers. Lets hear the whole story dammit and not just what supports
a particular point of view.

> If so, it
> should be seen as a failing of the Valley's libertarian climate, and not
> of Berkeley's liberal one.

Grrrr... Enabling spin control :-)


FWIW, I like business/tech FoRK posts the best.

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