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From: John Regehr (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 14:42:18 PST

> The issue of how federal tax dollars are spent is the essence of the
> 'conservative vs liberal' debate imho. And three of the above 'news sources'
> choose to completely ignore Greenspan's comments on spending programs. That's
> bias plain and simple. This sort of one sided press coverage has been going on
> for years in the gun control debate.

Speaking of the gun debate and media bias, here's a good example. This
is from a mail by David Friedman ( on the Armchair
Economist mailing list the other day:

  A similar story involved one of the school shootings--I think in
  Mississippi. A vice principal owned a handgun, had a concealed carry
  permit, and had routinely carried his firearm on campus--until the
  Federal safe schools act made doing so illegal. Thereafter he left
  the handgun in his car trunk and parked a quarter mile from
  school--since the act forbids firearms within a thousand feet of a

  When the shooting occurred he ran to his car, got the firearm, ran
  back, and used the firearm to force the student who was doing the
  shooting to surrender. A few of the news stories mentioned his action
  and the fact that he used a firearm. The overwhelming majority either
  ignored him or reported his persuading the student to stop shooting
  without mentioning that he did it with a gun.

Shouldn't there be a good web site contains gems of biased reporting?
A quick Google search did not turn it up. Looks like most pages about
biased reporting have their own axes to grind...


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