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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endtech.com)
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 16:15:03 PST

No, it's not the XML protocol, it stands
for "Microsoft Experience".

> 02/05/2001 - Updated 04:35 PM ET
> Get ready for Windows XP
> SEATTLE (AP) The next versions of Microsoft's most popular products
> will be called Windows XP and Office XP with the "XP" standing for
> "experience" the software giant said Monday.
> Until now, the new desktop operating system had been code-named Whistler
> and the new version of the business software was called Office 10.
> By using letters instead of the old naming convention of the approximate year
> the product came out such as Windows 98 or Office 2000 Microsoft is
> trying to build enthusiasm among personal computer users, said Rob Enderle,
> a research fellow with Giga Information Group in Santa Clara, Calif.
> "There's certainly a big push to try to re-excite the consumer side of the
> market," Enderle said.

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