RE: Seeking Mathematician Minutiae (was Re: HTML email)

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From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 05:36:31 PST

Lisa Dusseault writes:
> BTW, don't confuse mathies with programmers. They're roughly the same
> personality type I suppose, but with different interests. You're
> probably already clear about which your characters are. A programmer is
> very likely to use a construct like s/foo/bar/ in an email. A mathie
> isn't, unless they also happen to be a programmer or at least very
> exposed to programming. A mathie, is, however, liable to use equations
> in regular language (so are programmers, though less complicated ones).

Hmm, I started off as a mathie ("math weenie" as my engineer father
called me) but have had to resocialize to the cs world. E.g. I've
learned to stop using "iff" in mail messages because most programmers
think that it's just a typo.

- Joe

math ma2YWl-> cs grad student -> cs researcher -> programmer/architect

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