Next to ship OpenStep for NT in September

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Next to ship OpenStep for NT in September

By Jim Balderston
InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 10:44 AM PT, Aug 27, 1996
SAN FRANCISCO -- Next Software Inc. announced the availability here Tuesday
of OpenStep Enterprise for the Windows NT platform, making the company's
object-oriented application development framework available to Windows NT
developers. The product is scheduled to ship next month.

The final release at the Windows NT Intranet Show here comes after a lengthy
beta release. The OpenStep Enterprise package includes a library of pre-built
objects; developers need only to create the business logic for these objects
to create applications for the NT platform.

The Windows NT version of OpenStep has NT interfaces, allowing clients to
view applications created with OpenStep in the familiar NT interface.

OpenStep Enterprise will allow for integration of existing databases,
including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, and ODBC. Mainframe systems can also
be integrated via the OpenStep Enterprise development environment, allowing
legacy systems to be incorporated into the OpenStep applications.

OpenStep Enterprise complies with the Object Management Group's CORBA 2.0
standard and can access Windows applications via OLE Automation.

OpenStep Enterprise for Windows NT will ship in September. Server-side
pricing begins at $24,999. Developer seat prices begin at $4,999.

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