Re: Intel: "there's nothing left to copy"

Robert Harley (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 11:34:19 +0200

>"Now we're at the head of the class, and there's nothing left to copy,"

Umm, their fastest chip (PPro200) manages half the SPECint95 and a
third the SPECfp95 as a top Alpha. How exactly does that make them
"top of the class"?

I think they should wear a dunce hat and go stand in the corner. Or
maybe go to the headmaster's office to get their ass caned for such
blatant lies.

Heh, heh.

PS: Extract from SPECmark table follows.

System CPU ClkMHz Cache SPECint SPECfp Info Source
Name (NUMx)Type ext/in Ext+I/D 95 95 Date Obtained
================= ========== ======= ========== ======= ======= ===== =========
DEC 500/500 A21164 48/500 8M+96+8/8 15.0 19.5 Jun96 Digital
HP 9000/K460EG PA8000 180 1M/1M 11.8 20.2 Jun96 www.hp
SGI PChall-R10k R10000 195 2MB+16/16 ? 13.8 Jul96 www.specb
Sun Ultra2/1200 UltraSP 100/200 1M+16/16 7.67 11.1 Apr96 Sun anno
Intel Alder PentiumPro 200 256+8/8 8.09 6.75 Jan96