AltaVista to go public

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 28 Aug 96 09:38:09 -0400

It's not clear this gives them any *management* independence, though. There's
been a long-running fight about "are we a software company or still a hw
company pushing iron". Hopefully, this is a sign that the sw side is winning
(i.e. this will all get ported and so on).


August 27, 1996 6:15 PM ET
AltaVista to go public
By _Margaret Kane_

Digital Equipment Corp.'s AltaVista subsidiary will go public, according to a
registration the company filed today with the Securities and Exchange

The Littleton, Mass., subsidiary, best known for its search engine, will
issue up to $50 million in common stock, although the exact amount of stock
was not disclosed.

Proceeds from the initial public offering will be used for working capital
and general company purposes, including product development, sales and

Digital will retain shares of class B stock, which carry three votes per
share, compared with class A shares, which each carry one vote.