Re: Grove: Plug and Play has fallen short of expectations

CobraBoy (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 10:51:53 -0700

At 07:16 PM 8/28/96 +0200, Robert Harley wrote:
>>>Grove, [...] blamed the breakneck pace of software enhancement for the
>>>disappointing reality of Plug and Play.
>>on the amiga, circa mid-to-late eighties, we were doing
>>plug-and-play devices [...]
>>you turn off your machine, open it up, push a card in any slot, close
>>it up and turn it on, then use the installer disk that came with it
>>that usually dropped a single .device file in your /devices
>Yeah to that!
>On Acorn machines since 1987, cards have their drivers in ROM on the
>card. On power-up, they are transferred to the host machine. In fact
>the word "driver" doesn't even enter the Acorn-user's vocabulary.
>Same with "installing" applications. On an Acorn machine, it
>involves dragging a directory from the floppy or CDROM to the HD.
>Topic for discussion:
> Why does the world's most shite technology have the largest market share?
> Why does the free market not work *at* *all* in this case?

Because very simply put people *THINK* it is the better technology. Which if
you think about it, on the surface it is. I mean, Win'95 looks slick. Look
how many people run things link Norton Utilities, when it is a known fact
that Norton screws up your drive. When Apple shipped PCI Mac's Symantec
said, DON'T RUN NORTON. What was the largest selling utility for PCI Mac's?


Nice little slick animation etc. So the general public trusts their eyes. If
it looks good, it must be good. I call it the Cindy Crawford Mentality.

Yet more insite from:


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