Re: Daily Brief, 8/28/96.

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Thu, 29 Aug 96 00:12:49 -0700

The MST3K machine strikes again.

> > * The New York Times reports today that the US government and
> > military knew in 1991 that large numbers of US troops were
> > exposed to chemical weapons during the Gulf War.
> > - chemical weapons were stored in a large depot that was
> > bombed, causing the chemicals to be released.
> Remind me why anyone would want to be in our armed forces?

Hey, they're probably the only organization on earth that has the
possibility of taking out Microsoft?
(admittedly the odds are about 50-50)

> > * Divorce for Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Britain
> > becomes final today.
> > - Diana will reportedly receive $23 million settlement but
> > loses title "Her Royal Highness."
> For $23 million, *I* would marry the guy.

And I'm sure he'd pay at least that much to divorce you. :-)

> > * 20-year-old Stanford junior Tiger Woods announced yesterday
> > that he will become a pro golfer.
> > - will reportedly make him an instant millionaire as New York
> > Times reports Woods will sign 5-year, $40 million contract
> > with Nike and 3-year, $3 million deal with Titleist.
> Remind me why Nike thinks a golfer will inspire people to buy their
> shoes?

C'mon, I'm sure they have a line of golf shoes.

> > * President Clinton yesterday proposed a $2.75 trillion children's
> > literacy campaign, saying it would be paid for by cutting tax
> > breaks for multinational companies.
> What does one do with $2.75 TRILLION dollars? Is this really
> money well spent? If there are 27.5 million illiterates, this
> comes out to $100,000 per person spent. Where is that money going?
> Aren't people supposed to learn how to read in school, anyway?

That's gotta be a typo. It probably is only millions. If he could
raise 2.75 trillion that easily, we wouldn't have a budget deficit.

-- Ernie P.